Fire and Safety

Safety Engineering is a field to which all aspects of Science & Technical knowledge pertaining to Fire & Safety is linked. It involves the study of subjects that deal with the designing of safer fire resistant equipment and plants; its hazards and control measures in various associated engineering subjects; Managerial functions which aid in managing a firefighting along with other psychological grooming required to make a self-reliant Fire Safety Engineer/Construction Safety Officer/Environment Officer.

The gulf is the biggest fire prone area in the world because it has the largest storage of oil. Undoubtedly the highest budget for fire prevention and fire protection spent in the world is in the Gulf. They prevent fire by increasing the safety awareness of the people. That translates into thousands of job openings in the field of Safety as Safety Engineers, officers & Supervisors. They also reduce the risk of fire by installing the latest of fire protection systems. As a result, the largest installed base of fire protection systems in the world is the Gulf. This translates into thousands of people required in designing, installing, servicing of the fire protection systems.


1)Fire Tech & Design
2)Industrial Safety
3)Construction Safety
4)Environmental Safety

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